Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Kids are Alright: Hollywoods Brightest Style Stars

It would seem that gone are those awkward pre pubescent days of bad hair, comfy clothes and braces that children of a certain age are so often defined by. Young hollywood can now be seen on the red carpet with flawless hair, not a spot in sight and wearing the most sought after designers. However there is the age old question to consider, is it too much too young? I think that youth dressing should be taken very differently to adult dressing, youth dressing is all about the fun of clothes, the 'dress up' element that can all to frequently forgotten by 'dafe' adult dressers. Take it from these young ladies... the kids dress more than alright! 

Willow Smith (10) 
In the words of Will Smith,
"you don't work with Willow,
you work for Willow" 
This teeny bopper takes no 
prisoners, she is daring, youthful 
and loves colour! 
Keep whipping that hair Willow!

Elle Fanning (12)
Dakota's little sister was born
to wear Rodarte and Valentino,
a classic Amercian beauty
and with 3 films in 2011 it is safe to
say we will be seeing a lot more of her! 

Chloe Moretz (14)
This young actress has been insome pretty
 hard hitting films including the 'Amityville Horror'
when she was just 8! Chloe likes contemporary 
brands like Alexander Wang, DVF
and Stella McCartney! 
A girl after my own heart! 

Hailee Steinfeld (14)
Oscar nominated for 'True Grit'
her first real break! Hailee has more
up and coming films in 2011 including 
'Forgotten.' Hailee loves designers Mui Mui
and Marchesa, lucky girl! 

Tali Lennox (17)
The daughter of singing sensation
Annie Lennox, Tali is set to become
a huge face on the fashion scene and 
has already modelled for Gucci &
Christopher Kane! 

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