Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gaultier's 'Amy Winehouse' Collection: Tribute or Insult

Jean Paul Gaultier has sparked a controversial debate over whether his 'Amy Winehouse' inspired couture collection was a tribute or as her grieving father put it...was simply in 'bad taste.' The collection from start to finish was quintessentially Winehouse, the models sported her signature beehives in a variety of different colours with long flicked heavily black eyelines. The show was without doubt intended to be a tribute to Winehouse with Gaultier stating that Amy was "more than a simply just another 'muse,' she was a genius."Amy's look will no doubt continue to be iconic however with her family still in mourning, many think that it is simply too soon. No matter what you think about the timing, the collection was incredibly theatrical, close to the bone and representative of a icon. Just another way to never let her memory die. 

Amy Winehouse

Gaultier Couture Collection

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