Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Burberry Club

Everyone loves an underdog, and apparently it seems this includes the fash pack, 10 years ago no self respecting fashionista would be seen dead in head to toe Burberry, (See Danielle Westbrook) now in 2012 it seems everyone is falling over themselves to wear, to feature or to attend anything Burberry related. It seems Christopher Bailey has created the ultimate club, one that you would sell your sole to be apart of, and with the pick of everyone from the most established A Lister to the up and coming actress or model. The Burberry club subsequently has the pick of the most talented, the most good looking and the most enigmatic people. Once you have joined the Burberry club you are a member for life cavorting with the other unearthly members, that you are lucky enough to call your friends. Once one has been involved in Burberry it is no coincidence that your career will take a MAJOR boost. Slightly jealous I must admit. 

Key Players 

Emma Watson 

One of the founding members of the 'club,' Emma first met Christopher Bailey in 2008 on a Harpers Bazaar shoot, he loved her 'energy.' More over what a fresh young much loved child actress could do for Burberry in the mist of its reinvention. Leading to Bailey choosing Emma to be the face of the 2010 S/S Burberry campaign. Watson and Bailey from there have created a mutually beneficial professional relationship, where Emma became one of the most sought after women in both the acting and fashion industry whilst Bailey made Burberry into the brand of the moment. 

Emma Watson in S/S 10' Burberry Campaign 

Emma Watson in S/S 10' Burberry Campaign 
(alongside her brother and new Burberry club recruit Alex Watson)

Douglas Booth

Booth was one of the original youths to be cast in the Burberry campaigns, he has modelled Burberry along side Emma Watson, Lily Donaldson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. But a mere model Booth is not, he is an actor a very good one in fact. If you didn't see Booth as 'Pip' in BBC 1 adaption of Dickens' 'Great Expectations' then you are a fool who should rush on to Iplayer immediately. Booth has used his modelling career to propel his film career, I suggest you make note of his face because 2012 is set to be Booth's year starring in 'LOL' with Demi Moore and the 2012 adaption of 'Romeo and Juliet' against 
Hailee Steinfeld.

Cara Delevigne 

No coincidence that when Cara started modelling for Burberry that she appeared everywhere. Those eyebrows, the undeniable chemistry with Eddie Redmayne in Burberry's latest campaign and well the eyebrows. Perhaps Cara and Eddie will be the first Burberry couple...who knows? However we must prepare for 2012 Devegine domination, as she steals Alexa's 'cool' girl crown.

Milly Simmonds 

Milly is a relatively new addition to club Burberry, Milly said it was her ultimate goal to model for the brand, a goal that achieved in her first year of modelling, no mean feat. In 2012 expect to see Milly modelling for EVERYONE. A pure example of how being a member of the Burberry club can propel you into super stardom. 

Rosie Huntington- Whiteley 

The ultimate face of Burberry, Rosie even fronts her very own Burberry fragrance campaign, aptly named 'Body.' Long limbed Rosie may seem slightly detached from the Burberry club, since she moved to LA with boyfriend Jason Statham, however Rosie continues to be a Burberry ambassador around the globe, with the Burberry campaign being what has so far defined and most defiantly started her amazing global career. 

Eddie Redmayne 
Eddie is making the move from Shakespearean, period drama actor to big screen movie star all with the help of a carefully released Burberry campaign along side Cara Delevigne. I loved Redmayne in BBC adaption of Tess of the D'urbervilles, a history that Redmayne shares with fellow Burberry club member Booth. Redmayne has a great look, devilish charisma, and a budding acting career set to go global all quintessentially Burberry club pre-requisites.

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