Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Clever Clutch: Olympia Le-Tan

Your choice of evening bag says more about you than you might think. The options are endless: the cross-body' for the safety conscious among you, the bracelet bag that poses as both costume jewellery and a bag all in one (think the Chanel russian doll bag) and of course my favourite the 'clutch'. A clutch bag should tie together your whole outfit. I often go for embellished ones, however a new style has been continuously catching my eye. Olympia Le-Tan has created extremely high brow beautifully tongue-in-chic book clutches. So now you can make a statement and wear your favourite literary classics...Imagine the possibilities...

Favourite creations include:

'Dracula' for a black day

'Great Expectations' for anyone who wishes to ooze ambition

'Love Story' well guess...
Spotted: The book club!

Clemence Poesy carrying 'Le Belle et La Bete'

Michelle Williams carrying 'Catcher and the Rye'

Jessica Hart carrying 'Ex-Wife'

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