Thursday, 10 November 2011

Taxidermy for me please?

Taxidermy is officially having a moment! Animalism has engulfed every aspect of the fashion industry in the past decade. No longer are animal prints or pictures of animals enough, one must embody the animal, release the inner beast so to speak. Is it possible that fashion muses will no longer be starved debaucherous models or 'actresses' but instead jungle animals or empress peguins? Animalistic clothing adds another dimension to self expressive fashion, a rather simple ensemble can be made chic by a 'bat' bag or pair Louboutin 'Alex' paw heels. In fact I have my eye on a Antelope bum bag as we speak.

N.B. Taxidermery also translates well to interiors who secretly doesn't want a stuffed flamingo or tiger in their sitting room? I know I certainly do? 

Blake Lively & SJP in Christian Louboutin 'Alex' paw pumps

Antelope Bum Bag 

Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' Collection 

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