Sunday, 29 May 2011

Summer Denim Revamp: The Long and the Short of it

As a long standing denim skeptic, the thought of denim branching out into clothing genres other than simply a trouser material, filled me with dread and childish disgust. Denim is casual, and casual chic is a very difficult concept to get achieve, hence my skepticism. However it seems that the denim diversification movement has changed everything. The denim question, is now not a question of only: wash shading and cut but of colour, length, stretch and even texture. Who would have thought that a denim hot pant would become a summer staple, destined to be worn with YSL or Valentino blazers? Then there is the 7/8 length denim perfect for those occasions when shorts are not appropriate, of course it helps that they elongate your legs like a dream. Finally the full length denim jean rejuvenation goes back to the seventies with wide leg high-waisted numbers worn in white or deep navy. Obviously colour pop full length skinnies aren't to be over looked. Are you a little tempted to diversify your denim... I certainly am?

The Long

MIH Jeans

Seventies Styled
J Bran 'Bette'

Red Skinnies
J Brand

3/4 Length 



J Brand

The Short


7 For All Mankind 

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