Monday, 14 March 2011

Don't Make a Spectacle of Yourself!

The time has come again when I must spend hours trying, picking, purchasing and then trying again to find a new pair of glasses. Now the geek chic trend has been fully integrated into main stream fashion glasses are now the accessory no self respecting fashion girl will be seen without. With American series such as 'Mad Men" and the film "A Single Man" glamourising glasses it seems only natural for glasses to reflect this kind of trend a vintage feel to put on edge of ladylike chic. In terms of frame colour black is still acceptable however browns and tortoise shell are preferred! 
Here are some of the best:

Tom Ford 'Single Man' Glasses 
Also available in black this unisex frame has only just been released!
Team with shorts, short socks and brogues for sweet chic attire!

The "Cats Eye" trend is huge across the board for eyewear! 
Giorgia Armani 
A slightly rounder style is good for slightly longer faces! 
This is larger style frame so girls with particularly small faces 
should steer clear as they will end up looking like they are
in fancy dress! 
A brand new frame and about time, I was getting bored
of wayfarers in every colour, shade and size possible. This
cat eyes style is the perfect update for RayBan! 

Tom Ford 
The ultimate glasses of the moment and certainly not 
for the faint hearted! 

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