Sunday, 19 September 2010

London Fashion Week So FAR!

From the moment that Sienna and Savannah Miller embarked on their journey to create label Twenty8Twelve it has been clear that the label is a mixture of London Cool with a strong hint of English Heritage! Although Twenty8Twelve is not to my personal taste and probably would not have been a success had it not been for Sienna being the face of noughties Boho Luxe. I do think that the brand reflects on London's young teen fashion scene and therefore remains relevant at London Fashion Week! The Theme for S/S 11 collection was a travelling girl who picks things up along her way, so the collection touched on Thai and Mexican influences! I'm not really sure it all pulls together as a collection but there are defiantly some strong individual looks!
Aminaka Wilmont
Aminaka Wilmont's designs are all about shape and silhouette with designs cut in an innovative fashion. This Scandinavian duo use washed leathers, luxe wool and silks to emphasize the tailoring within their designs! Their S/S11 Collection was called 'Psyche' which is ancient Greek for butterfly! The colours within the collection were muted greys, browns and blacks with the occasional pink flash, the prints defiantly had the theme of nature in mind which I really think off set the strong tailoring to create a really strong sixth collection from the label!

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